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Getting Started

Getting Started

Two years ago, on a Saturday evening, I drove up to a Walgreens and bought a 6 pack of beer and a pregnancy test.  The beer was not for me, but for my husband….not that I truly thought he would need it. 

Thirty minutes later I cried.  I cried, because as humans we are selfish and change is hard.  Was I ready for this? I always knew I would be a Mom.  Having children was high on my list of things to do in life, but everything was about to be so different.  We were in such a good place.  Both my husband and I had great jobs, and no student loans.  We had just bought our first home, and we were enjoying being married.

I remember seeing him notice the test on the counter.  Within an instant the realization hit him that we were going to be parents.   Although we were both sad for the people we had been an hour before, we were happy for our future and a baby. 

We never did have a baby.   Instead, at our first ultrasound we learned that we would be having two babies.  God had blessed us with fraternal twins, which we would later learn were boy/girl.   This was my start.  After they were born everything changed.  I quit my job as a school teacher to stay home with my twins.  Parenting twins is a challenge that I have loved embracing, but I am ready to start a new chapter.  I am doing what I love and being a creative.  This past year and a half I have been through so much and overcome many challenges.  I am hoping this blog will be a place for me to share that with others.  Don’t fear your change, but embrace it!